Thursday, 26 November 2015

Ibiza Dreaming.........Conception Retreat

One thing I knew I wanted to feel when we conceived was relaxed....

What better way than on retreat in Ibiza!

Ibiza is special to me as its where I met my husband, I go twice a year on my own to the soul Adventures yoga retreat - I do  quick 4 day retreat which gets me ready for the summer / winter.

Trish, the teacher welcomes you to stay in her beautiful home complete with yoga studio and it always feels as if you've been there a thousand times before. You also feel as though you have known Trish forever, she is so easy to talk to and thats just what you need on retreat. I told Trish my intentions of wanting to conceive and she tailored the weekend accordingly. You cant help but feel totally relaxed during your stay and really take in your surroundings. He house is in the middle of an eco farm away from any stresses and noise which are often associated with Ibiza. The retreat leaves you with some alone time as well to really ground yourself and set your intentions for the journey ahead!

We did Yoga twice daily, first thing in the morning and last thing in the evening with walks and sunbathing in between.  The food was also amazing! Lots of Raw, vegan goodness to detox and prepare my immune system and body.

We focused on specific meditations for conception and after my 4 days in paradise, I felt that I was ready, detoxed and had let go of any stresses that potentially could hold me back.

They say that your ovaries are one of the first things to carry fear /stress.......

Read this review here for more details on how awesome this place is - you can even take your husband, although my vote is - go on your own :)

Call me sceptical but I truly believe that the preperation I did is the reason I became pregnant.

Saturday, 14 November 2015

Conscious Conception.....Lets make a September baby!

I'm a typical Pisces......A dreamer, I love to fantasise, or as my husband puts it "Live in the movies"

But Im sure every body has the same dream of the perfect way to make a child.....Its a huge commitment and life changing - so why the hell would you not try to make it special?! My husband laughed at me for wanting it all to be candlelit and have shmoozy music playing in the background. but hey - we were only going to do this once wernt we! Or were we??!

I always new I wanted a September baby......Oldest in school, more confidence, bigger than the other kids, find it easier to take everything in.....You hear all these things about how hard August babies have it - well I wasnt going to put my future baby through that!

So we knew that in order for me to get my September baby, we'd have to do the deed in December - so there was no trying before - just in case that August baby popped up. But who falls pregnant first try anyways?!!

So - Halloween 2014 we had a massive murder mystery dinner party at our house - this was the last time I knew I was going to party for a while. I wanted to detox you see, rid my body of anything that could stop my chances of conceiving.

I'd been tracking my ovulation calendar using Ovia which is an awesome App on your mobile, which I learnt so much from along my conception journey. With a months detox under my belt - I had all the things I needed to help me make my September baby.

For the whole month of November I cut out anything bad and stayed as healthy as I could - the December date was looming...... I also new that Kundalini Yoga would also play a huge part in my pregnancy journey and had been reading up about conscious conception with the help of my yoga teacher - the amazing Trish Whelan.

I flew to Ibiza, where Trish runs retreats from her gorgeous Casita - I then spent 4 days preparing my body consciously, mentally and physically for welcoming life into my body.

My stay with her in Ibiza deserves its own post so I will write about that tomorrow....

Friday, 13 November 2015

It's all about 'ME'!!!

I thought it was probably best that I start my blog with a bit about me.....

Im a London girl, almost in my 30s living with my husband Soodles, my daughter Marley and last but by no means least, my gorgeous Maltese x Shih Tzu Putzka!

To say I've lived life to the full would be an understatement!! Ive done a whole lot of shit and seen a fair bit of the world already and ticked off most of my "Bucket List" and thats how I ended up with a kid! Because that was the deal.....I promised my husband that if we could do a Californian road trip and go mental at Burning Man - I would be ready to then "settle down" and have a baby....

So here I am a year later, listening to my husband sing my 11 week old daughter to sleep.

I'm a health conscious, fun conscious up front kinda girl - I say the stuff that everyone else is thinking....I care about what I put into my body as well as what I put onto my body ( clothes and toiletries!) I care for the environment and try really hard to "do my bit".

I'm vegan and bringing up my exclusively breastfed vegan super baby - I do sometimes give in to a bit of pastry every now and then though - Life just wouldnt be the same without a good veggie pie!

I like to shop, I like to dress up everyday instead of crying in my milk stained PJs and Marley dresses up to and i love to party....I met my husband on the terrace in Space, Ibiza - that pretty much sums me up!
A social butterfly that has danced my way around the world taking me on many adventures - Something I still managed throughout my pregnancy and in between night feeds.

Because ...... Behind the Mum, theres ME......

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Sit down......I've got something to tell you.....

I'm sat here in my kitchen at half past five on a Sunday afternoon, this time exactly 10 weeks ago, I was leaning over the chair that I am sitting on in labour, unknowingly 10 cms ( thats FULLY) dilated and trying to resist the urge to push.......

The last 10 weeks have been the biggest whirlwind of my life.

There is nothing and nobody who could have prepared me for what I was about to go through - as a human, a woman, a vessel, a healthy independent person.....

There are so many taboos around parenthood and expectations that I thought it was only fair that somebody take the time to dish the dirt, the gritty stuff that people forget about or feel unecesarry to tell you when really, this is the shit that you should be told - this is the stuff that you need to be ready for to stop yourself from staring down at that black void of depression that the Drs worry you will fall in to.

I'll keep it light hearted though as its the only way I know how. I will also write about the ups, downs, peaks and pits of pregnancy - because thats not always as rosey as people make out to be and that OK!!!!!

So buckle up and hope you find anything I write helpful.

See you on the other side Warrior Goddess Momma's!

Shakti Momma xxx