Friday, 13 November 2015

It's all about 'ME'!!!

I thought it was probably best that I start my blog with a bit about me.....

Im a London girl, almost in my 30s living with my husband Soodles, my daughter Marley and last but by no means least, my gorgeous Maltese x Shih Tzu Putzka!

To say I've lived life to the full would be an understatement!! Ive done a whole lot of shit and seen a fair bit of the world already and ticked off most of my "Bucket List" and thats how I ended up with a kid! Because that was the deal.....I promised my husband that if we could do a Californian road trip and go mental at Burning Man - I would be ready to then "settle down" and have a baby....

So here I am a year later, listening to my husband sing my 11 week old daughter to sleep.

I'm a health conscious, fun conscious up front kinda girl - I say the stuff that everyone else is thinking....I care about what I put into my body as well as what I put onto my body ( clothes and toiletries!) I care for the environment and try really hard to "do my bit".

I'm vegan and bringing up my exclusively breastfed vegan super baby - I do sometimes give in to a bit of pastry every now and then though - Life just wouldnt be the same without a good veggie pie!

I like to shop, I like to dress up everyday instead of crying in my milk stained PJs and Marley dresses up to and i love to party....I met my husband on the terrace in Space, Ibiza - that pretty much sums me up!
A social butterfly that has danced my way around the world taking me on many adventures - Something I still managed throughout my pregnancy and in between night feeds.

Because ...... Behind the Mum, theres ME......

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