Friday, 11 December 2015

Prenatals - the good, the bad and the hangover......

We all know how important it is to make sure our body is prepared to carry a baby.

the prenatal market is saturated with all sorts of different brands, pills, sprays, foods for you to get sucked into.....

ive always been pretty good at keeping a balanced diet without having to supplement so I made the brave statement of saying that I was going to try and do this throughout my pregnancy too - how hard could it be?!

So I need how much folic acid?! OK - So whats that the equivalent of? 10 Avacados each day!!!? OK now I love avacado's just as much as anyone but that just isnt going to happen.....a) because I love avacado's too much and I dont want to start hating them and b) that would cost me an absolute bomb!

So Off to Holland and Barrett I go, in search of my perfect prenatal which I plan on taking before we try for a baby. I'd heard that Pregnacare was the McDonalds of vitamins so I thought to stay well clear of those......My gut instinct is always to go for the most expensive - they must be good if they're the most expensive!

I bought the Solgar Prentals which seemed to work fine.......until I got pregnant....!

Now here's the thing I very quickly found out. Morning sickness isn't necessarily morning sickness!!!!

I started to feel rough - dog rough, 4 day bender kind of rough, in fact worse. I'd told myself i will NOT be sick as I believe that a lot of this is mind over matter and I wasn't in fact ever sick during my pregnancy ( apart from one time i got food poisoning in Mauritius) But I had the hangover from hell......Some days I found it hard to even move.

So in my pregnancy hungover state - I forgot to take my Solgar tablets for around 4 days and started to perk up - I could see clearly again! How wonderful! So clearly that I remembered I hadn't taken my vitamins.

I ran to the kitchen - swallowed the house sized tablets and within 30 minutes I was feeling sick as a dog again! Its these tablets!!!! Its not morning sickness at all!!!!! A quick google search showed that I wasn't the only one to find this problem...... Just think - all those people out there with "morning sickness" and it could very well be just from your vitamins!

For 3 weeks I couldnt face eating any food as I felt so so sick....

I went straight back to wholefoods, high street Kensington the next day and explained my woes to a specialist who seemed to know exactly what I was talking about. She recommended I moved onto "Food State" vitamins, this meant that all the nutrients actually came from food - not other sources which were more than likely what was clogging up my stomach!

So I bought some Wild Nutrition tablets and the sickness feeling subsided pretty much straight away.....They also do fertility tablets as well as the pregnancy ones. Once I had started on these tablets my appetite came back entirely and I was back eating 3 healthy meals a day....

I now have changed all my supplements to food state only as its so much easier on your stomach, there is also another great brand called Together - they are cheaper than Wild Nutrition and I found them to have the exact same effect. These can also be bought from larger Wholefoods and Holland and Barrett stores.

Made me remember - you are what you eat! so give it a go and spare yourself the sickness!

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