Saturday, 26 December 2015

Things that got me through my first trimester and the rest....

So you're feeling like crap, looking like crap and you cant have a drink or tell any of your buddies whats wrong so they can help you feel better.......and this is supposed to be fun?

I reckon 99% of people don't get that "glow" in their first trimester...instead they realise how desperately lonely it re pregnant not diseased! But that's not how you feel at the time.

Here's the things that got me through and the advice I wish somebody could have given me.

REMEMBER - Growing a human is fucking hard!!!!! Give yourself some credit! A new life, a new generation, a tiny little heart is beating inside of you and YOU are keeping it alive!

You're totally allowed to feel like shit!!!! But you deserve a medal.....a big chocolate one!!!

This ones hard, I know how difficult it is to see the light at the end of the tunnel but its there I promise..,.BE STRONG - I CAN AND I AM! ( that was my mantra)

And breathe.........Yoga got me through my pregnancy and my birth - its so important to have as much "you" time as humanly possible when you're growing a human - cos lets face it, in a few short months, its not going to be about you anymore!

Tell a few people - you need support and don't be afraid to reach out - find a friend that's recently had a baby, they can help and sympathise. Its also imperative that your partner understands just how difficult these first few months are - you're not yourself, you're weaker than usual and you deserved to be pampered......How come they get to do the fun bit of " wham bam thank you Ma'am" and then they're down the pub whilst you're curled up on the sofa feeling nauseous?! Nope - you're in this together! The support I received from my husband totally helped my state of mind to help me get through.

Lets face it you cant stand the smell of anything cooking so not that! I found adult colouring books awesome - so therapeutic and really quietens the mind.

Mandala Colouring Book from WH Smith 

If you cant stand the thought of eating anything or cooking because of the smell - juice! Its the best way to fill your body with the nutrients it needs for your baby without you gagging all the time.

This is a tough one I know, but trust me - you will thank me for it later - no matter the weather! Yogi Bhajan says if we can walk 5 miles a day we will have an easy labour....... I managed at least 5km a day throughout my pregnancy and my labour was 2.5 hours. Go figure!

I know I know, you feel like this is going to last forever, but it really wont. When you're in the throws of your second trimester you will forget about so many of the woes from your first. And when you get those baby butterflies.....its a whole new story! 

Cos everything's getting a bit tight and your hormones are raging, and every time you go to put something on it doesn't fit and you cry - so to stop this, get yourself some Maternity jeans and get comfy! My favourite are Topshops Baxter's....

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