Sunday, 10 January 2016

My Top 10 pregnancy must haves!

Being one of the first out of my girlfriends to get pregnant, meant that I didn't really have anybody to offer me any guidance on what you need and didn't need and what was really necessary and what was a nice luxury. so I spent hours trawling blogs after thinking about what was important to me and these are my favourites!

Gurmukh's Bountiful Beautiful Blissful Book

Planning to use my yoga practise to give me the most natural pregnancy and birth I could have - this was a true blessing. I found the "what to expect" kind of books so daunting and not very positive - no wonder we get so scared of how our bodies are ever changing and how were going to get that thing outta there!!!! This book always left me feeling warm and excited about the rest of my pregnancy and birth.....

Dr Haushka Blackthorn Oil

If there was one thing I wasn't going to be getting - it was stretchmarks!!!! i did a lot of research into an oil that was natural and would be great for my skin, Blackthorn oil enhances the skins elasticity so that your skin can safely grow with your bump, and it smells absolutely amazing! Bonus!

Soul Adventures Retreat

Regardless of how much you think you will still be able to maintain a part of your "normal life" once baby is born - you wont really for a my advice would be to get as much "you" time in before the baby comes and your world is turned upside down. Spending these 4 days in paradise was just what I needed to look after myself. When Marley is old enough for me to leave her, I will definitely be going back!

Wild Nutrition Prenatals

I could NOT have lived without these - the fact that I realised the other prenatals were making me sick, these were so gentle on my stomach I was able to carry on with normal life so much more easier. Food-State Vitamins are definitely the best option.


If you need to get nutrients in you but are struggling to keep food down or cook because of the smells - I can highly recommend juicing! I am obsessed with juicing so I invested in my juicer, the Sage by Heston Blumenthal which will last me forever but I also rate the John Lewis own brand juicer if you don't want to commit to the Pro just yet...

Maternity Jeans

Just because you've surrendered your body to build this baby, doesn't mean that you need to lose your style. Treat yourself to a decent pair of maternity jeans. My favourite were Topshop's Baxter jeans - true to size and super comfy! I'm keeping them for my Christmas day jeans because of the expandable belly band!

A good cuppa!

Ginger is known to help with nausea and I found the best way to get it in me quickly was in a nice organic cuppa! Yogi Tea is an all time favourite of mine and this special woman's blend kept me feeling balanced and I still drink it a lot now post birth. Its also great around your moon time...

A Good nights sleep! - Pregnancy Pillow 

Well, you cant buy one of these and I'm sure if you could there would be pregnant women queueing for miles to get one - especially in that delicate last trimester - However I did find something to help and I really didn't have much trouble sleeping throughout my pregnancy. The Dreamgenii pillow is a great support to back, legs and bump and I still use it now to support me during breast feeding - plus I kinda got used to having a pillow in between my legs and it feels nice! 

Maternity Support Belt

Towards the end of my pregnancy, my bump was so heavy I was really struggling on my feet for long periods of time, this belt which is so reasonably priced really helped support me and meant that my hips. It made me feel as if somebody was carrying my bump for me and bought me enough time to make sure I was able to get enough exercise.

The Mothers Journey / Regular Yoga practise

If like me, you are planning a conscious pregnancy and labour and are interested in doing things as naturally as possible - I cannot recommend a good dose of Yoga to get both your mind and body ready, I didn't actually attend any pregnancy yoga classes myself, I kept my normal kundalini practise up right until the day before I went into labour and believe that its what helped me have a beautiful birth. I also invested in The Mothers Journey - a course that teaches you the ins and outs of pregnancy / yoga combined and the biology behind birth. The class is taught by yoga teachers, doula's, midwifes and therapists so you get a great all round view of what to expect. Just attending the Labour module is enough to get you ready for birth.

Monday, 4 January 2016

All good things must come to an end.......Daddy's gone back to work

I'm sure I'm not the only one mourning the loss of my husband today.....

After almost two whole weeks with him at home, last night I lay in bed yearning for just that one more lay in!

Since he's been home he has been getting up with Marley in the mornings giving me an extra couple of hours in bed. Which felt like heaven! That huge super king bed all to myself. No baby searching for my boob, no husband breathing heavily in my face, no stinky dog positioning himself perfectly on top of my legs so I cant move. nope. Just me and my beautiful bed.

I shouldn't have got so attached, I knew that this "fling" was never going to last and my whirlwind romance with normality was slowly moving further and further away from my reach.

No more popping to the shop with just my keys and my purse, no more running off for a bath three times a day, no more recipe hunting and proper cooking, no more getting my nails done whenever I felt like it. Nope. Those days have gone.....

Boy did I need that time off - Its completely reset me, my relationship with my husband and my outlook for the future.

Having that time together with Marley was great for two reasons ;

1. I got to do all those silly little things you just don't get time to do anymore.....

2. My husband now realises how HARD it actually is trying to entertain the little bean.....relentless.....non stop.....exhausting work. Much harder than my day job - and I don't even get paid for this!

This time off made us more of a team - because now we both understood what it was like, but we were also able to help each other out which makes all the difference. Its so easy to make assumptions when you're not around and sleep deprived so I think taking some time out to realise what each other is going through can really help. God I wish some days I could just get up and go to work, but at the same time there is no way I could leave my baby girl. You cant win!

I just keep telling myself - just 8 weeks until were on holiday, the time will fly!

Do I miss my husband or my babysitter? Probably a bit of both.......  :)

Soodles and Marley in their matching outfits